Disney – Mickey and Minnie Candy Cane Express

Mickey and Minnie - Candy Cane Express

Art Notes

Thomas Kinkade Studios presents Disney – Mickey and Minnie Candy Cane Express. The holiday lights sparkle and twinkle, and brilliant white snow glistens as some of our favorite Disney friends prepare to embark on a festive journey aboard the Candy Cane Express.

Mickey Mouse the Train Conductor warmly greets Minnie Mouse as she prepares to board the Candy Cane Express, and Pluto carries the gift bag for her. Scrooge looks on as Huey hurries over to help Dewey bring hot chocolate to Louie, Uncle Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. Goofy strolls toward the platform to board the train, carefully carrying wrapped packages across the snow. Morty runs over to help Goofy with plans to be paid with one of the candy canes in Goofy’s back pocket.

Key Points

  • Thomas Kinkade Studios pays tribute to Roy Disney in Disney – Mickey and Minnie Candy Cane Express, with the R.O.D. Railroad signs on both coaches.
  • 1928 is painted on the engine, a nod to Mickey Mouse’s anniversary year.
  • Another painting by Thomas Kinkade Studios – Disney – Mickey’s Victorian Christmas – hangs in the train station.
  • Can you spot Horace manning the hot chocolate booth?
  • Clarabelle Cow has disembarked from the train and is watching Chip and Dale on the luggage trolley.
  • Which Disney Villain is included in this painting? (Hint: Look for the burly engineer.)

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