Reflections Of Faith

Reflections Of Faith

Gallery Director Notes

Special Issue Collector's Sketch

ROF Sketch Promo

The first 150 collectors who purchase a Reflections of Faith Limited Edition Canvas will receive a Places of Reflection Collector's Sketch.  This piece is a special issue preview of Reflections of Family, the next painting in the series.

Estate Edition Sketch

Estate Edition Sketch

The Estate Edition for Reflections of Faith features:

  • Textured Brushstroke Process
  • Additional Highlighting
  • Small Edition Size
  • Authorized Signature In Silver
  • Unique Hand Drawn Sketch On Back

Art Notes

With the busy lives we lead, setting time aside for personal reflection can be a challenge. ThePlaces of Reflection series was designed to create tranquil settings within your home – spaces free from distraction that allow you to pause and reflect.

Reflections of Faith, the first painting in the collection, is the beginning of a personal journey. The cobblestone path is an invitation to open our hearts and minds to God’s love. We can clear our minds of daily pressures, preparing us for a time of intimate prayer. The flowing fountain is an important point of reflection – symbolic of life and all the blessings we have been given by our Creator. As we rest here, our hearts are filled with God’s grace as we focus on faith, family, and friendships.


  • Reflections of Faith is the first painting in the Places of Reflection collection.
  • This three-part series by The Thomas Kinkade Studios was created to bring collectors to places of peace and prayerful reflection.
  • The cobblestone path in this image guides each of us to our own personal place of reflection.
  • As we walk along the path, we experience moments to pause and reflect on the many blessings we have been given.
  • The stepping stones symbolize the role that faith plays in our lives while the bridge conveys strength and hope.
  • The pathways that extend from this painting will take us to the next place of reflection.
Limited Edition Canvas Availability
12" x 18" from $600
18" x 27" from $795
24" x 36" from $1,360
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